Community Health

COVID-19 Notice

Updated Dec 4, 2020

A huge THANK YOU to all essential service workers.

Store hours remain reduced to 7am to 9pm daily.

We are using the additional closing hours for deep cleaning for everyone's health and safety and replenishing our shelves for your needs.

We continue to adjust our policies in line with the recommendations of the Federal and BC Governments to protect our staff and customers to the best of our ability. Our policies will change, if needed, as the situation unfolds and whenever new information is available.

We strongly discourage stock piling or hoarding.

Some shortages and delayed deliveries are affecting our inventory stock levels and we may set and remove limits as needed to ensure as much as possible that stock is available for everyone. It is easier on the supply chain if people gradually build up household supplies instead of making large scale purchases all at once. To do this, you can add a few extra items to your grocery cart every time you shop.

What we are doing:

What YOU can do:

Need Help with Grocery Shopping & Delivery?

Seniors or immunocompromised are urged to contact the Sooke Volunteer Society at 250.642.6364. They have volunteers helping with grocery orders and delivery. You can call also visit or call 211 for assistance.

Please be mindful of others and our staff during these trying times. Thank you for your understanding, patience and support.